Volunteer Activity

Volunteers are like angels spreading and illustrating good deeds.

Vanke Volunteer Team has delivered a large amount of volunteer services to the public. They have been seen in action from rebuilding homes after the Sichuan earthquake to Ai You Care for Children (a project for helping orphaned or poverty-stricken children with congenital heart disease); from care for biodiversity to environment protection and the promotion of waste sorting. They are increasingly recognized by the public and are joined by more and more caring people. They are angles who sow seeds of love and hope.

By becoming a volunteer of Vanke Charity Foundation, you will have the opportunity to:

Visit families of children suffering from congenital heart disease to learn about their real situations, and give donations to those who are in urgent need; Keep company of children with serious diseases so that they feel loved and cared for, and are no longer lonely; Visit the natural reserve with the highest altitude in the world, where you can trace snow leopards together with scientists among rarely visited alpine bare rock and in deep valleys and gorges; Read for the blind children so that they can hear the voice of love; Protect the eco-environment of our beautiful seashores by cleaning up wastes, to contribute to the cause of environment protection; And more…



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